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Summer Lovin’ The RadioMermaid c

A Lifetime of Performing and paying the price


From the best small beach town in America- 'Myrtle Beach' straight to Los Angeles with no stops except of course Atlanta and NYC a few times to study acting, theatre and play in the studio along some of the best voice over artists you’ll ever hear... picking up a few tips and tricks along the way.  Now working coast to coast to offer your stations a local flavor because I’ve probably been in your town. I’ve performed theatre, improv, Stand up comedy at the Comedy store, the Improv and you can’t leave out the Haha Cafe but it always leads back to the Studio and Voice over talent where I hope I’ll bump into you and your tribe for business.

ps I also write kids books and attempt to Inspire Desire to rock your whole life through. 

Available for Projects

if You know how Voice Actors work.. hire me 

if you don’t and think you need one- Ill try to help Your mission.

LIVE and OntheBeach bio

Look for our other books at www.BookEndkids.com

I’d like to say I’ve had a dream career and I have because I worked hard for it and took out the trash and I’ll work hard for you too. Well,  I won't take out trash but I will Write, Voice your spot, book, short story, film.. you get the picture.

From Audio books, News, Weather and Traffic To your kids future favorite animated character.

From The best Rock/Alt station in Myrtle Beach 

to the Top Hot AC/ Hybrid that Ryan Seacrest sprang up from in LA-STAR-987 which turned in to 987 then I dusted to San Diego Radio on CBS-man, do they have fun there.

Lots of marathons, Comic-cons and healthy charities down there and all along booking spots in Los Angeles and playing in the surf writing kids books. 

And getting bruised up by the waves and the Hollywood lifestyle. I made it somehow :).  I can direct your movie too because I squeezed in film school while I was there.  I was also referred to as one of the best Voice trackers around if that’s something you’re seeking.

I’ll look forward to seeing you in the Studio.

Look for my forth coming book (it’s Finished) 

The Man in the Red Shorts about an inspirational guy I know who happens to be disabled but  he make a difference in everyone’s life he meets. 


If you don’t hear what you’re seeking

let me know. Ill make it happen or book another artist that can do it!

 I like to see my friends working too!;)

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SummerBreak87 Track 87 (m4a)


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